Molly’s Creed

As I trudged along the streets so Grey,
Tired and worn I have to say,
I found a slice of heaven bear,
I just made out “all welcome here”
As I approached it got more clear,
If your looking for craic and a nice craft beer,
A place to laugh and to be Jolly,
Just step inside and have a drink with Molly

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Meet Our Mollys Family

Assistant Manager

My name is Daniel and my middle name is kindness, one of my most outstanding virtues that makes customers feel great, well cared for, and above all, close to us.

Social Media Manager

My name is Genesis and one of the things I like most about work at Mollys is being able to capture all the energy and vibe that is experienced through images.

Saloon Assiatant

I'm Eder, I love working at Mollys because the energy is incredible, as well as having fun while serving customers, which makes the experience warmer for everyone who visits us.


The laughs in Mollys are never lacking and I am a promoter of it. That is why I always focus on providing the best energy and the best attention so that everyone feels at home.

Bar Manage

My name is Johanny and I’ve been working in Molly´s since we opened almost 5 years ago. Today, as the manager, I can certainly say that this is not just my work place, this is my home.

Head Chef

I am Cristobal, I stand out because I always bring the best vibes to my kitchen team, which results in the exceptional flavor that we capture in our dishes.


Better known as Electromango. I am all about people and I put all my crazy energy in every dish I prepare so our clients can really enjoy what we make for them everyday.

Bar Man

My name is Alejandro and I love how fun the bar can be. I am always eager to socialize with clients and create a bond with them so they can have an even better experience

Bar Man

Chatty is my middle name, and laughs is my third name, that's why I strive to create that closeness with each person who sits at the bar so they can enjoy the best cocktails and dishes.

Bar Man

My name is Rafael and my main characteristic is to be very friendly with my co-workers and above all clients, 100% empathetic and collaborative, so that everyone feels at home.


Mi nombre es Grace, soy la única chica de cocina, y me enfoco mucho para que cada plato se vea delicado mientras que conservan su sabor. Lo importante de todo es que en la cocina todo fluya.


My name is Isabel, I am an outgoing, attentive and fun girl. What I like to do the most is to connect with our clients in such a way that they feel uninhibited and they can fully enjoy Molly's vibe.


I am Trinidad and although I have been in Molly’s for a short period of time I already feel part of the family and I always do my best to make everyone feel that way.


My name is Wuil and I love Molly’s energy. Although I have been here for a few months, this wonderful place has brought out my virtues as an organizer and leader, resulting in the fact that I have given the best of myself attending to the preparation of our dishes.

Graphic Designer

My name is David and I am the graphic designer for Mollys, and I love to focus on making illustrations that the client can learn from and identify with.


My name is Jesús and I have known Molly's since its beginnings, and I recognize that from the kitchen we strive to provide great quality and make our customers feel at home.


Magic happens in the kitchen to create delicious dishes and as a chef, I transmit my vibe and energy so that the client can taste the best food and relive the true Molly's experience.

Bar Supervisor

My name is Rolo and as a bar manager I try to ensure that my team is in tune with the Molly’s vibe while providing the best service to the customers who sit in front of us.

Administration Lima

My name is Sachary and I am in charge of the administration department, and although my work is in the office, I support our slogan “Yor home away from home” since that is how we feel and that is how we make our clients feel.


As a part of Moly's family in the administrative area, I know the vibe and energy that the company has and I know how all the staff works hard to provide the best service.


A través de la comida las personas pueden conectarse. Yo soy partidario de que los platos hechos con amor y esmero reviven emociones y es lo que hacemos en Molly's


Algunos me conocen como el corazón de la cocina, porque siempre trato de mostrar mi mejor energía, al tiempo que me esfuerzo por hacer los mejores platos para los clientes.


I am Xavier and my main virtue is candor, since I treat clients in such a way that they feel a connection with me and thus can have a pleasant time with friends.


En la cocina ponemos todas las ganas para brindar el mejor servicio y que los platos tengan el mejor sabor.