Molly’s Creed

As I trudged along the streets so Grey,
Tired and worn I have to say,
I found a slice of heaven bear,
I just made out “all welcome here”
As I approached it got more clear,
If your looking for craic and a nice craft beer,
A place to laugh and to be Jolly,
Just step inside and have a drink with Molly

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Meet Our Mollys Family

María José

Mi name is María José, but everybody call me Majo. I am the Manager in Molly's Cusco. My main job is guarantee the proper functioning of the bar. I have the best disposition to convey to my work team how wonderful it is to provide good service to the public that visits us, and offer them the best experience of an Irish Pub. Molly's is your home away from home!


Better known as Ela. I greatly enjoy working with my colleagues and as a team provide the best service according to our high standards. Always with enthusiasm and charisma so that everyone can enjoy the true Molly's vibe.


My name is Isaac and I am one the newest members of the team. What makes me happier about having joined the staff is that it is more than a job, what I do fills me with passion and I enjoy it to the fullest. I invite you all to visit us in Cusco and in Lima too!

Chef Principal

I'm Carlos, better known by everyone as ``El Gordo``. I am the kitchen team leader at Molly's Cusco due to my extensive experience in the field. For me, cooking is more than a job, it is my passion and every dish I prepare is made with love.

Chef Secundario

My name is Angelo. I bring great things to the kitchen team of this wonderful Irish Pub with my experience and also the charisma that distinguish me. What I like the most about being a chef is what we can create if we mix the right ingredients. Without a doubt, all our dishes have the best flavor and seasoning in all of Cusco.

Chef Secundario

I'm Sara, I'm a member of the kitchen team at Molly's. What I love the most is preparing dishes combining flavors, so that all our guests can enjoy them, and of course make them want to return to continue tasting everything that our menu offers.

Encargado de Barra

My name is Jose. I really enjoy performing the role of bartender in this prestigious bar. Being a part of the Molly's team has meant a lot to me, here I can be myself, laugh and enjoy every day with my teammates. Really more than co-workers, they are my family. In addition, each drink or creation that I prepare is made with a lot of dedication.