Molly’s Creed

As I trudged along the streets so Grey,
Tired and worn I have to say,
I found a slice of heaven bear,
I just made out “all welcome here”
As I approached it got more clear,
If your looking for craic and a nice craft beer,
A place to laugh and to be Jolly,
Just step inside and have a drink with Molly

Our History

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After 4 years of success in Lima, an opportunity presented in 2019 to take Mollys to Cusco.   We grabbed it with both hands, the building had soul and was a perfect match for everything that Mollys is.   Two weeks after opening Co’Vid happened, and we had to close for a year and a half.   But we are back and better than ever.   In three short months, Mollys Cusco has become the heart and soul of the Cusco pub scene.   Long may it continue!